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3Q recently teamed up with our partner Spoutable on a webinar around how to leverage native advertising as part of your holiday marketing strategy. We were especially excited about this webinar as we were able to showcase two viewpoints: one from a platform expert on the cutting edge of native and machine learning innovation, and the other from a native advertising agency expert who is hands-on with Spoutable and other native networks every day.

Below are a few highlights from the discussion – be sure to watch the full webinar here!

What Is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is a form of paid media designed to fit the form and function of the user experience in which it’s placed. Designed to engage users already in a content consumption mode, native helps brands distribute their best content at-scale across thousands of publisher sites.

Ryan Bettencourt, CEO at Spoutable, believes there’s an expanded definition of native advertising. Brands are investing in higher-impact, more customized content experiences, and programmatic distribution of ads is also becoming a bigger part of the equation. To quote Ryan: “Native advertising presents meaningful content to people who care about it in an elegant and endemic way.”

Where Is Native Headed?

Dave Hennessy, 3Q Digital’s Senior Native Advertising Account Manager, commented that we’ve noticed bigger brands investing in and developing content specifically for native rather than re-purposing content originally developed for other channels (a great example is Dollar Shave Club). Video and more customized programmatic native advertising are seeing increased investment. We anticipate that the majority of brands will be allocating a significant portion of content budgets specifically to dynamic, high-impact native advertising going into 2018.

Leveraging Native for the Holiday Season: What to Keep in Mind

  • The majority of shoppers start exploring gift ideas as early as October – use native to amplify your holiday-related content and fuel discovery as early as possible
  • The sooner you start, the larger your retargeting audiences will be when Black Friday/Cyber Monday rolls around
  • CPMs and CPCs are typically much lower for native than channels like non-brand search and social – use this to your advantage
  • Know your audience and target them – with higher click and impression costs, the holiday season is not the right time to “spray and pray” as this will likely make your spend very inefficient
  • Optimize your content landing pages for specific holiday promotions
  • Keep it fun! Invest your time and resources in developing and amplifying content that is unique and engaging

Learn more from 3Q Digital and Spoutable on our recorded webinar

Using Native Advertising to Fuel Your Top-of-Funnel Holiday Marketing