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Blurb (a 3Q Digital client since 2015) saw a 24.5% increase in users using their Bookify tool after tapping the 3Q Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and Decision Sciences teams to direct traffic towards Bookify (their online photo book design tool) from a specific landing page.  

Blurb, a self-publishing platform that enables users to create, publish, promote, share, and sell their own print books and ebooks, aimed to increase the number of users downloading the tool to start their book.

Thanks to the careful execution of both the analysis and experiment run, 3Q was able to simplify Blurb’s user experience. As a result, the outcome of the first test was staggering: a 24.5% increase in Bookify tool starts (at 98% statistical significance). The insights derived from this test can now be extended to Blurb’s user experience across their site.

You can read the full story here, or contact the 3Q team to learn how you can get more winning results today.