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Want to catch up on all the great stories we’ve covered this October? Here’s your one-stop shop for all the important social network news from FBPPC this month!

We had two fantastic posts from our guest poster Juliana Nicholson. The first, entitled Seamlessly Combine Campaigns Across Platforms, is the perfect resource to make sure your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., are in sync. The second, entitled How to Reel in Mobile Viewers With Facebook Video Ads, provides the groundwork for getting your video ad noticed on Facebook.

On the targeting front, we’ve got a post from Charlie Ardagh about using hyper targeting to drive sales on Facebook. The more specific, the better!

And finally, we have a post in which we polled our experts on what exactly makes a Facebook ad a great one. We had a bunch of different responses, so make sure you’re covering your bases with all of the suggestions!

Have a happy and safe Halloween!