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Now that we’ve taken our fill of turkey, optimized our ad campaigns, and bought a little something for ourselves on Cyber Monday, let’s take a look back at our best blog posts of November!

The Pros and Cons of Facebook’s Custom Audiences

Ana Gotter has the distinction of writing our most viewed post in November! There are some flaws with Facebook Custom Audiences, so this post will help you navigate those and take advantage of the pros!

Facebook Ads for the Holidays: 7 Rock-Solid Best Practices

Samantha Mykyte from Wishpond gave us 7 rock-solid best practices for holiday Facebook ads including timing, targeting, and ad best practices.

The Inhumanity of Facebook’s Ad Algorithm

A problem with Facebook Ads is that you can’t teach them tact: they show up or they don’t regardless of peoples’ personal lives and situations. 3Q Digital’s Todd Mintz lays out the issue for us.

Make a Big Splash in a Small Pond with Facebook Ads

Franco Puetz of Magnifyre helped us realize that we can have a big impact with Facebook ads if we go niche. His post will show you just how that’s done.