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google close variant

Jay-Stampfl_avatar_1386695914-96x96Jay Stampfl broke the news of Google’s removal of the close variants option. Now everyone’s campaigns are automatically required to bid on close variants.



Susan-Waldes_avatar_1378399626-96x96Susan Waldes helps you break the ice with a potential job candidate. If you’re looking for a job in SEM, be┬áready to field these questions!



Dave-Yoo_avatar_1378399130-96x96Facebook has been largely quiet on its integration with Instagram, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have something cooking! Dave Yoo explores the possibilities in his post, but rest assured: big things are coming.


Eric-Smith_avatar_1407276964-96x96Using AdWords to promote mobile apps can be a bit tricky. Eric Smith breaks the process down in his post.



Jonathan-Svilar_avatar_1380153943-96x96Twitter is quickly becoming an advertising force, and experts agree that it’s only going to keep getting bigger.