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Best 3Q Office Series – San Diego Entry

Published: October 7, 2016

Author: Dianne Dickinson

We love our offices at 3Q – and our awesome office managers, who are as competitive as they are fun. We continue our “Best 3Q Office” series with Account Associate and de facto Office Manager Dianne Dickinson describing the highlights of our San Diego office – our per capita loudest, food-lovingest, and happy hour-est digs. Take it away, Dianne.
We’re home to that saying, “Stay Classy, San Diego,” so it’s no surprise that Ron Burgundy (among many other characters and people) have added value and made our home one of the most sought-out cities in all of America. But, all obvious things aside (the weather, the people, the music), I am here to confidently yet modestly showcase why San Diego is not only the friendliest 3Q office, but probably the most entertaining.
san diego happy hour
Here are a few regular things that make San Diego’s office the best at 3Q:
5th Avenue/Gaslamp District
Because of the rowdy folks enjoying the streets, and the very LOUD Dick’s Last Resort across the way, there is always a story to share or similar encounters to laugh about from the neighborhood. Petco Park is just down the way, and happy hour isn’t just limited to our local watering hole – we’ve made a few of those. To say the very least, it isn’t a normal day in the office until someone shares a “walk to work” story.
 Roast Coach Cart*
Let’s be honest – K Cups and Iced Starbucks coffee sometimes just don’t cut it. For those seeking a real buzz or maybe even a little flavor, this pop-up coffee bar is your calling. Call us coffee snobs or connoisseurs, but we know we’re lucky to have a stand one minute from our office door.**
*Funny/sad story – it’s so good, someone stole the cart, hit a car, and fled the scene despite being in a high-foot traffic area (like, who let that guy away?).
 ** Editor’s note: It’s REALLY good.
The Morale Associates
From sneaky Tootsie Roll surprises, to garbage hounds, to a classic “the dogs are playing” office disturbance – our morale associates keep this place light. We are friends with every and any animal that enters this office. Who says a little distraction isn’t really just a moment of necessary relief?
san diego dogsWe LOVE sports!
At least we like to act like we do. We’ve been to ball games, the guys have a fantasy league, and we have a game room and a b-ball hoop to school on.
Last but not least, we have made a collaborative effort to be known as the office that eats. Sure, we eat burritos the size of your head and casually slam pizza slices by the pound, but  we are never really hungry because we are always eating. If you don’t work out of San Diego, then you’ve definitely had some of our own snooping through your cupboards when they visit.
san diego food

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