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Best 3Q Office Series – Austin Entry

Published: October 21, 2016

Author: Ryan Noonan

We love our offices at 3Q. We continue our “Best 3Q Office” series with Account Manager Ryan Noonan describing the highlights of our Austin office – home to some of our happiest hard-working music and BBQ lovers. Take it away, Ryan.
Our Austin office is in one of the hottest spots in the country, and I’d describe our blend of 3Qers as hard-working, funny – and, given the six following reasons – pretty darn happy.
austin tx

  1. Location

Located in the heart of the city directly next to the University of Texas, the office is minutes away from downtown and Zilker Park. There are nearby restaurants, running trails, live music venues, and much more. Also, we are pet-friendly, so expect to see some happy dogs on a daily basis!

  1. Food

In Austin, you can eat tacos for every meal for three months and nobody will think it’s strange. This is probably the truest example of personal freedom, and it can be realized only here. Also, we have really great barbeque and it comes with an entire loaf of white bread for some reason. (Nobody ever finishes the loaf of bread, but they always make sure to give you an entire loaf.) Don’t think you can’t get small plates in Austin, because you definitely can. But we’re all about the mains! And when you come here, please go to Torchy’s Tacos. Just go.
austin food

  1. Coffee

Other major cities may be under the illusion that they have the largest amount of delicious coffee places, but what they don’t realize is that you can’t go more than three blocks in Austin without finding an amazing coffee shop. We are a hipster city and we “keep Austin weird,” but we own it! Go to Summermoon and get a coffee with Moonmilk. You may never leave!

  1. Dogs

It is not an exaggeration to say that 99.9% of people in Austin own dogs, and you can bring your dog almost anywhere. We even have bars for dogs, because in Austin the dogs know how to party. We don’t just have dogs in quantity, we have them in quality.

dogs in austin
Yup, the dogs run the place.

  1. Music

Austin is the live music capital of the world. A lot of cities claim that, but here it is actually true! We have so much music that you can find a show any night of the week with the type of music of your choice. What other city would allow you to listen to lowercase folkcore on Sunday and post-mathwave on Monday and a Beethoven concert on Tuesday? If you know, please tell me. And there’s Austin City Limits every year!
music in austin

  1. We literally have everything

The Californians brought a lot of great things to Austin, like California Pizza Kitchen and Thousand Island dressing on burgers. Texans would definitely not have thought to do that ourselves, so we are very grateful for the contribution. But we have the world’s first surf park, tons of hiking trails, vibrant nightlife, and a building that looks like an owl if you see it from the right angle. We’re also about an hour and a half away from the Alamo, and we never forget it.

25 E Washington Street
Suite 420

Chicago, IL 60602

(650) 539-4124

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