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Behavioral Science 2.0: How the New Practice Can Grow Your Business

Published: July 8, 2014

Author: Scott Rayden

Most search agencies over the past 8-10 years have built their organizations around strategies and tactics needed to drive efficiency and ROI for clients. While client needs will always be a big priority, addressing the needs of the consumers they are working so hard to connect with has become the way to meet client goals.
The problem is that most search agencies today have not yet invested in the right combination of people, process, technologies, and partners that enable the agency to help clients better understand their consumers’ behavior, desires, motivations, and needs.
At 3Q Digital, we believe success in the near future will be directly related to the amount of understanding the agency can draw around consumer behavior. We have spent the past several years focused around the practice of “behavioral science” to better understand consumer intent and to align behavioral data with our marketing strategies.
behavioral science 2.0

The new breed of Behavioral Science

In years past (and still today), behavioral science focused on usability studies, engagement testing and optimization, consumer segmentation, and behavioral analytics.  While these are still critical components to any behavioral science practice, advancements in technology are bringing in an entirely new world of tools, platforms, and data types that are dramatically expanding what is possible for us as marketers to give consumers what they want when they want it.
We spend a great deal of time constantly evaluating new technologies that help our clients better connect and engage their consumers and to help their consumers find what they want faster. One technology company that we believe has a very bright future in front of them is FanPlayr, a new Silicon Valley software company that takes qualified traffic and applies customer analysis and segmentation to drive higher conversion rates and average order values.
Our proprietary Alpha Beta campaign structure allows us to drive the industry’s most qualified SEM traffic. Adding FanPlayr’s capabilities allows our ecommerce companies to show their customers the exact right offer at the exact right time, which ultimately drives more profit for each click. Our recent partnership with FanPlayr allows us access to advanced technology along with our robust – if traditional – behavioral science capabilities.

Get up close with Behavioral Science 2.0

Together with FanPlayr, we’re putting on an exclusive Lunch & Learn presentation at our San Francisco office on July 15 to talk about the new breed of behavioral science – best practices and evolving strategies – and how it can blend with qualified traffic to transform eCommerce businesses. If you’re in the area and interested in attending (it’s free, and lunch is included), or if you’re interested in learning more about how this combination can help galvanize your business, drop us a line.

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