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In honor of tomorrow’s inauguration, I decided to type in “Barack Obama” into Google and see
what paid search results showed up. I guess my assumption was that there would a full 10 to 12 ads promoting everything from crappy souvenirs to IQ tests challenging me to beat Obama’s IQ.

Surprisingly, the selection was pretty limited. Here’s the results I got:

As you can see from this list, some of these seem fairly targeted (the Barack bust and the Franklin Mint), others were just bad keyword matching (Great Style Deals), one was outdated (the 2008 Democratic nominee) and one was just plain weird (“dopest” gear, save $4.20 – do stoners really type in searches for Obama?).

This suggests to me that there is probably a fair amount of opportunity to monetize these searches. Perhaps someone can create the Barack Acai Diet or the Barack Debt Consolidation Plan? There’s gold in dem hills!