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Back to Basics – Tailor Facebook Ads to Your Audience

Published: March 6, 2015

Author: Melissa Polsky

As marketers, it can be easy to get bogged down with the “what” of advertising. What are we selling? What do we want to convey? What goals do we want to accomplish? It is all too easy to forget who you’re trying to reach. Let’s go back to basics and look at how to better understand our audiences on Facebook.

Just ask them what they want

Facebook has always been a different beast when it comes to advertising. One of the most useful resources we have at our fingertips is our audience. These are the people you are trying to get engaged with your brand, or to purchase a product/service, so just ask them what they want! It’s as simple as creating a post that says “What are you most interested in seeing from us?” and giving them a few choices to comment on.  Put some ad dollars behind it, and voila – you have more information to better understand your audience. You can use their responses to tailor your future goals and ad campaigns.

Review comments, reviews, and posts to the Facebook page

Another great way to get to know your audience better is simply by analyzing the comments, reviews, and posts they make about your page. Look at what they’re writing about. Do they have questions or hesitations about your company? Do they rave about your customer service? Do they want to know more about a certain product or service? If you’re noticing trends in the comments, start using these to tailor your ads. For example, if customer service is very important to your audience, start testing headlines that boast your customer service awards. This is free insights into your target market – use it!

Test, test, test

Never forget the golden rule of advertising: always be testing.  Just because you like the way an ad is composed doesn’t mean that it resonates with your audience.  Test our several different copy, image, and landing page variations to understand what has the highest conversion rate. Before you develop your test, take a look at what works well on your other advertising mediums. This can often be a good place to start developing tests to see how your Facebook audience responds.
Facebook advertising is not a “set it and forget it” platform. You need to always be monitoring what your audience is saying on your Facebook posts and page. This will give you great insight into what messaging and content they are looking for from your brand. In addition, always be testing out new ad variations to discover what works best. It can be easy to focus only on the “what” of your advertising, but remember to keep the “who” at the forefront of your campaigns.

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