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When we analyzed the data from our recent survey of 500 B2B CMOs, which provided the foundation for our just-released report on the opportunities and challenges in the 2020 B2B landscape, the juxtaposition of two stats stood out:

Online engagement is at an all-time high, and customer needs and challenges have shifted; this presents a big opportunity for B2B marketers to create digital campaigns around how their products and services can help. Virtual events, enhanced demos, educational videos, and other easily digested online content can help marketers establish a series of virtual engagements and touchpoints to reach people in all geos, at all hours, and at all points of customer journey. At a time when business travel, in-person meetings, and major events are on the shelf, the leaders who engineer successful digital transformation will create a big competitive advantage over peers who are slow to prioritize an effective response to this shift.

This is far from the only opportunity we uncovered in our report; CMOs who prove agile and fearless enough to tackle the challenges of COVID-19 with data-bolstered strategy will set themselves apart and give their companies competitive marketing advantages that will persist beyond the current pandemic. Download the report today to see where those opportunities lie, and accept no limits in charting a course to growth.