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My friend Doug co-founded a nifty (no longer so) little salary data company called Today he sent me what I think is one of the most awesome (awesomest?) viral ideas I’ve seen in a long time. The PayScale 2008 March Madness Predictions shows you the NCAA mens‘ basketball brackets and predicts the winner of the tournament based on the average salary of graduates from each school.

For example, in the first round #16 UT-Arlington (where my Uncle Jerry is a professor . . .) pulls a shocking upset over #1 seed Memphis, out-earning them $69K to $59K. Indeed, they make it all the way to the Elite Eight before being bounced by Stanford grads, who average $113K!

I won’t tell you who the eventual winner is, you’ll have to check for yourself. And while I tend to doubt that PayScale’s methodology will be too accurate in predicting the actual NCAA champion, I will make one prediction: after seeing the PayScale bracket, you’ll want to immediately send it to all of your friends who are alumni of the participating schools. This will be a massively successful viral campaign. Nice work Payscale!