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Avoid these Pinterest Don’ts, Embrace these Pinterest Do’s

Published: October 18, 2017

Author: Molly Shotwell

Pinterest is a fantastic platform for brands looking to inspire users. Users come to the site to look for ideas, whether it’s décor ideas for their next Cinco De Mayo party or food recipes to impress their friends. It is a brand’s job to create pins that attract these users, influence their opinions, and ultimately encourage them to complete the goal of a purchase, form fill, etc.

We have an internal list of Do’s and Don’t’s for Pinterest to help our clients effectively scale their Pinterest advertising. Take a sneak peek at some of these tips below!


  • Vertical Aspect RatioYou want to take up more real estate on Pinterest, so vertical Pins will always be the most effective. The ratios include:
    • 600×900, which is a Pinterest-recommended best practice. This is an aspect ratio of 2:3. 
    • 600×1500 was the historic best practice and we see that it regularly outperforms the new, shorter version. Because of this, we recommend testing both sizes for your creative.
  • Visuals
    • Include your brand logo: This should be a no-brainer!
    • Use vibrant colors to grab the Pinner’s attention.
  • Utilize Text Overlays
    • Mention what the product/service is – don’t assume the Pinner will know based on what the product looks like, or that the Brand has recognition.
    • Content-based Pins like lists, tips, and advice have historically performed well.
      • Examples:
        • “Our Top 5 Favorite Father’s Day Gifts”
        • “Find Your Wedding Ring Styles”
  • DescriptionsThese should include information that will help a close-to-deciding Pinner see that your brand or product is a fit. Highlight elements of the Pin that aren’t obvious from the image, like a special feature of a product.
  • Mobile-FriendlyA huge amount of Pinterest traffic comes through their mobile app or a mobile browser, so make sure that your Pins have legible text when viewed on a mobile device. Also ensure that you’re not cluttering your Pin with too many images that would overwhelm on a smaller screen.


  • Urgent CTAsPinterest won’t allow CTAs such as “Shop Today,” “Click Now,” or “Sign Up Now,” so stay away from any similar language.
  • Neutral ColorsYou want your Pin to pop on the page, so it’s smart to avoid any neutral shades that will blend in with your product in the Pin or the Pinterest site background.
  • .

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