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Facebook Brings Holiday Cheer – and Marketing Advice!

Published: December 2, 2013

Author: Audrey Cueto

With the year coming to a close, many retailers and brands are doing their best to take advantage of the holiday shopping season and finish out the quarter strong. Thankfully, Facebook published a blog post last Monday, providing marketers with some holiday advice that may help give them that extra push they need to finish off the year strong: focus on mobile.
Tis the Season to Go Mobile
According to eMarketer, “the time spent using mobile devices for activities such as Internet and app use, gaming, music, and others has more than doubled in the past two years among U.S. consumers.” eMarketer also projects steady growth will continue among mobile users. With such confidence in the growth of mobile, it’s no wonder Facebook has pushed marketers “to go mobile this holiday season.”
Optimize for the News Feed
Facebook’s News Feed has gone through quite a bit of change this year with the introduction of Graph Search, larger and higher quality images, better arranged content, and embeddable posts to name a few. What’s great about these changes is that nearly all of them have been applied to the mobile aspect of Facebook as well.  These changes give the News Feed a much cleaner and updated look. This new look has also generated higher levels of engagement among users through the use of high-quality images and compelling videos.
One particular feature Facebook focused on was the ability to play engaging videos within the mobile News Feed. Though there have been mixed reactions around the concept, there’s no reason advertisers should shy away from using them, because at the end of the day, Facebook remains one of the most-used mobile apps in the world. And all this despite user resistance to changes. In fact, a few months ago, Statista reported that Facebook was the second most-used mobile app in the world, behind Google Maps.
Mobile App Ads
The second piece of advice Facebook offers marketers is to use mobile app ads to their advantage. When Facebook first introduced mobile app ads, these units were used primarily to drive a brand’s mobile app installs from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Since then, they have introduced more capabilities for mobile app ads that give advertisers the opportunity to interact and engage with users, whether it is to incite an app install or to use the app more regularly.  And with the new Custom Audiences feature that allows advertisers to retarget users with interactive mobile app ads, such as video, retailers can use mobile app ads to “notify existing users of a holiday sale or promotion,” for example.
Custom Audiences
A little over a month ago, Facebook introduced Custom Audiences, a new feature that helps marketers “deliver targeted ads to people who visited their website or used their mobile app.” To finish the holiday shopping season strong, Facebook suggests using Custom Audiences to help “promote sales or offers on Facebook with existing customers” and “acquire new customers by excluding existing customers from campaigns.” By separating your target audience, you’re able to present ads that are more relevant to their needs. For example, you can promote loyalty programs that offer discounts/rewards to existing customers while promoting discounts for new customers to apply to their first purchase.
Since Facebook has introduced Custom Audiences, there has been nearly a 75% increase in the number of advertisers using the new feature.
Facebook reports that more than 100 million users access Facebook via mobile multiple times a day, leaving retailers and brands with plenty of opportunities to power through the holiday shopping season in hopes of finishing off the quarter strong. And thanks to a little holiday advice from Facebook, they all may get their holiday wish this year.

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