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Dear Santa: The usuals (a pony, a chocolate waterfall, a left-handed power hitter), please. Also, these:

More mobile-optimized landing pages SEM companies need to jump on this or suffer the quality-score consequences.

Better multi-channel attribution in Google AnalyticsIt’s gotten better, but there’s still a long way to go (YouTube. Ahem).

Accurate Geo Reports– Since, as our own Sean Marshall so astutely pointed out, they’re not telling you what you think they are. (Although Google seems to be taking a step in the right direction!)

Richer performance data on sitelinks – They’re cool and all, but conversion tracking and historical data would give them a lot more juice.

More transparent Facebook Insights – Fan page sales conversion tracking, for one thing. Please.

Merged placement data – Once upon a time, merged auto and placement data was available to good SEMs. Manual merging is not the gift that keeps on giving – quite the opposite. Can we get our merge option back?

Query-level impression share data – Or even keyword-level data. Either way, let us know what we’re leaving on the table (or not).

The PPC Associates blog is taking a few days off for the holidays; we’ll be back and posting on Dec. 27. Happy holidays, everyone! (May your ROIs be merry and bright!)

Hillary Read, Marketing Manager

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