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By Tyler Jordan, Account Manager

This signal won't register as being from a state.

Earlier this month, we explained why it’s important to switch AdWords targeting from “US” to all 50 states (and D.C.). Turns out this is great advice for everything except mobile devices.

The problem, as explained by an AdWords rep, is that mobile devices often run from cell towers (not WiFi), and since Google can’t determine the state from cell towers, the ad won’t get served if only the states — and not the country — are targeted.

Here’s the exact quote:

 I noticed that the area you were targeting for your ads was the entire United States, but you listed each individual state. This will also cause the ad to not show on your mobile device if you are running off a cell tower and not wifi as we can only see the user is from the United States but no a specific state. As such, I would encourage you to change the location setting for the United States and choose that as the option, not each state.

Long story short: segment your campaigns by device. For mobile devices, use US targeting. For computers, use the all-50-states targeting method. For tablets that use mobile carriers instead of WiFi, the same issues as detailed above may apply, so you should strongly consider segmenting by tablets and using the US segmentation there as well.

Tyler Jordan, Account Manager