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AdWords Editor: 4 Massive Time-Saving Tips

Published: July 29, 2013

Author: Bailey Lau

AdWords Editor is a great tool to help speed up your work by making bulk uploads and changes easier. Here are a couple of tips and tricks to speed up your work even more:

1. Use the different advanced search, view, and sort options to your advantage.

Creating custom views and filters will not only help you speed up work, but also help cut down your mistakes. The advanced search feature has a ton of different combinations that you can use to look at your keywords, ads, or campaigns. Let’s say you want to edit active keywords that are from a specific ad group. You can easily search that by doing an advanced search:
AWE advanced search

2. Paste into selected ad groups.

This trick has saved me hours of work and has stayed in my top 3 AWE tricks. Let’s say you have a bunch of image ads in one ad group, and you’d like to apply them to a new set of ad groups. If you had the images on hand, it would be a simple upload and editing of the destination URLs.
This gets a little tricky, however, if you don’t have those images on hand or if the destination URLs are complex and need to be hardcoded. Instead, you can follow these simple steps to apply the group of ads to multiple ad groups:
a. Go into the ad group and highlight all the image ads that you want and copy (ctrl+c)
b. Move over to the ad group tab and select the ad groups that you want to paste the ads in
c. Right-click the highlighted ad groups and hit “Paste into selected ad groups” (see image below)
AWE ad groups
d. Switch back over to the Ads tab and marvel at how much time you just saved!
Pro tip: If you have any sort of Marin or SearchForce tracking that cannot be copied over into different ad groups because of the unique ad ID on top of another tracking code, edit the destination URLs within the ad group BEFORE you copy and paste into your new ad groups. After you’re done with that, go back into the original ad group and revert your changes.

3. Paste your ad scheduling.

Have you tried ad scheduling in Enhanced Campaigns yet? It kind of sucks. You have to schedule it in the UI, and there’s no way to bulk-apply it to multiple campaigns. You have to set the ad schedule for each campaign, which can be a very manual process.
But fear not, there is a solution in AWE!
All you have to do is set up your ad scheduling in one campaign, download most recent changes in your AWE, go to the Campaign tab, copy the campaign with the ad schedule, highlight the campaigns you want to apply the ad schedule to, go into the Edit Selected Campaigns section, and click on “Paste.” Voila!
AWE ad scheduling

4. Use Formula Words to build tracking for destination URLs.

AWE has a great feature called Formula Words that works very much like the =SUBSTITUTE feature in Excel. Basically, you use the Find and Replace function in AWE, and by using brackets, you can have AWE dynamically replace the dummy parameters with campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and more.
Upload your new ads and apply the base destination URLs with a tracking code with some dummy params (e.g. where the campaign name should go, put in “campaign”).
append text AWE
Next, select all the destination URLs with the dummy params and hit “Replace Text”. Have it find “campaign” and set “Replace with” [campaign]. The URLs will now have the unique campaign name in the tracking parameter. If an ad lives in a campaign called “Pizza Party,” the “campaign” dummy parameter will now read “Pizza Party.”
replace params
new urls in AWE
Here are some of the formula words you can use:
[account] – Account name
[campaign] – Campaign name
[adgroup] – Ad group name
[keyword] – Keyword text
[headline] – Ad headline
[description1] – Ad description line 1
[description2] – Ad description line 2
[displayUrl] – Display URL text
[destinationUrl] – Destination URL text
[negativeKeywordSite] – Negative keyword or site
[field] – Any field that’s editable on the selected tab
Note: Formula words do NOT work with the Append Text feature. It won’t work if you try and append ?utm_[campaign] to your destination URLs. Also, if there are spaces in your campaign or ad group names within a destination URL, AWE automatically changes the space to a value with a % and a number. You’ll have to do an additional find and replace to fix it.
And that’s it! Leave a comment if you have other favorites to add to the list.

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