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Google gave us a little Happy Hump Day gift this morning: the release of AdWords Editor 10.3. There’s a bunch of stuff to digest here, so let’s dive in.

The biggest changes and additions:

1. Demographic targeting: Before this new version, you had to go through the UI and manually select your gender targeting per ad group. If you had a ton of ad groups to add targets to, you were out of luck. AWE is now letting you upload gender and age targeting and their bid modifiers using an import sheet in AWE. You will also  be able to quickly copy and paste gender and age across ad groups and campaigns using the “paste into selected ad groups” trick. (Learn more about that trick here.)

targeting awe

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2. Enhanced sitelinks: First of all, if you’re not using enhanced sitelinks, you really should be. The sitelinks tab now includes fields for adding Description lines 1 and 2 and allows you to import enhanced sitelinks using an upload sheet in the same way you can bulk-upload ads. This previously had to be done in the UI, where you had to manually create each sitelink’s D1 and D2.Let’s do a quick comparison.


old awe sitelinks


enhanced sitelinks

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3. Default flexible reach (anyone running audience targeting, take note!): If you’ve upgraded your AWE, you probably already know about the previous changes since they were long overdue. AWE is also changing the default flexible reach setting. Previously, when you added audiences to an ad group, your ad group would automatically be set at “Target and Bid”. Now, the ad group will be automatically set to “Bid Only”.

awe flexible reach

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Other smaller changes:

– There is a new set of interest categories available under “Affinity Categories (reach)” when you assign audiences to ad groups.

– The Enhanced Campaigns setting and platform targeting options are now gone.

– You can enable or disable targeting optimization on the Ad Groups tab.

– New image ad dimension: AWE will now support the uploads of 970×250 image ads.

What are your main takeaways from the update?