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so happy im going to cry

Yesterday, Google announced new Custom Columns in AdWords, something SEMs have been craving for some time. This feature allows you add additional columns to your reporting, name and define the columns, and segment them to provide your clients with more detailed insights.

custom columns in AdWords

Best holiday gift ever.

Four of the biggest reasons this is our favorite holiday present in some time:

1. You can segment by conversion type. Using imported GA goals, you can segment by, for instance, sign-ups vs. transactions. 

2. Device metrics: see mobile, tablet and desktop CPC and conversion rate inline with your reporting. 

3. Top vs. side segmentation: You can integrate top-vs.-side results to make smarter bid adjustments based on CVR by position.

4. Time management: Less work outside the UI or moving between GA and AdWords means getting the job done quicker.

What’s your favorite use case for this new feature?