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AdWords Campaign Drafts: the Best Thing since Sliced Bread

Published: May 10, 2016

Author: Faith Petreley

Sliced bread is pretty great, but increased flexibility in ad testing and a simpler way to conduct experiments is arguably much better (and more ROI-friendly). That’s exactly why we at 3Q are so excited about Campaign Drafts. Google announced the Campaign Drafts and Experiments beta in AdWords in February and has been slowly rolling the feature out in accounts over the past few weeks. What a time to be alive!
Here’s what we love about it:

It Simplifies How You Conduct Experiments

Digital marketers know that experiments are crucial to optimizing any account. Campaign Drafts helps make experimentation incredibly easy. With drafts, you’ll be able to mirror your original campaign’s setup, thereby alleviating the need to duplicate campaigns, keywords, ads, and everything else.
Wow! The settings are all the same!

It’s Easy to Implement

You have the option to create an experimental campaign using your draft to test your changes, and you can even apply the draft to the original campaign after your test is complete. You can optimize in a FLASH!
With Campaign Drafts, the UI is your oyster!

You Can Make Decisions with (Statistical) Confidence

There’s no need to crunch numbers offline to make sure that your results are conclusive. Campaign Drafts has a key for statistical significance built right into the functionality! This allows you to conveniently monitor your campaign within the AdWords UI.

Explore All the Possibilities

Testing in AdWords has never been so easy, so you have no excuse not to run a few experiments! If you need some ideas on how you can use Campaign Drafts to test and optimize your account, we have a few:

  • Test tradeoffs in CTR and CPC for various average positions
  • Test Conversion Optimizer vs. Manual Bidding
  • Test the impact of new keywords on performance overall
  • Landing page testing when using keyword-level Final URLs

Unfortunately, not unlike sliced bread, Campaign Drafts does have some limitations. (You can find the full list here.)

It’s Draft Season

Draft but not least (sorry), Campaign Drafts is like a new and improved version of its predecessor, Campaign Experiments. If you loved Campaign Experiments, you’ll love Campaign Drafts. So get in the UI, get excited, and start drafting it up!

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