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The Cost of AdWords Enhanced Campaigns – Desktop & Tablet

Published: February 15, 2013

Author: Molly Shotwell

Today’s post is by Bradley Zeller, PPC Manager at Obu Interactive.
By this time, I am sure everyone has read all of the details about the new Enhanced Campaigns changes. I am not happy with most of the changes, and because of the negative backlash,  I’m skeptical that everything Google has announced will go forward. My assumption is that mobile-only campaign targeting will be brought back, at the very minimum.
I’d like to show the world some real-life examples of how your costs will change. Real Obu data used below.
case study enhanced campaigns

With the new Enhanced Campaigns, this accounts cost would go up by $397.36, because the client would be paying a desktop click price ($14.9) for a tablet click ($10.72) — note the the entire cost increase is in tablets.
Having advanced build-outs and segmenting campaigns by traffic source has allowed Obu to pay the lowest cost per click on tablet devices. The benefit of having advanced build-outs is gone, and it raises the cost per click for accounts without giving any benefits to advertisers.
The one thing you don’t see in the data is the conversion rates; however, I still want to make a point about them. For most of the accounts I run, tablet device conversion rates are lower compared to desktop, and I would prefer not even to run on tablet devices because of the low conversion rate and increased cost per click. But, once again, this is not offered with Enhanced Campaigns.
Anyone using Enhanced Campaigns yet? How are your numbers looking?
bradley zeller obuBradley Zeller, New York native and San Diego resident and the PPC Manager for Obu Interactive, has a wide range of marketing experience, including ecommerce marketing and legal marketing. He spends his free time traveling the California coast with his girlfriend and taking advantage of San Diego’s beautiful beaches.

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