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A Hilarious Attempt at Legitimacy Via PhotoShop

Published: June 26, 2008

Author: David Rodnitzky

This is pretty amusing. There’s a Web site called the “American Anti-Aging Association” that is yet another anti-aging affiliate Web site. I give them credit for coming up with a real sounding name that could lead consumers to believe that they were an independent association making objective reviews of anti-aging products. I’m sure that tactic drives a very high conversion rate.
But I have to draw the line/laugh at their poor PhotoShopping efforts. Take a look at the picture below: is this truly the headquarters of the ‘association’ or does something look a little, um, fishy?

I give them an “A” for effort but an “F” for execution. C’mon guys, if you’re going to paste fake signage onto a picture of a building, at least make it line up properly!
I could also comment on their rather non-professional writing style (“We here at the American Anti-Aging Association . . . ), but I won’t.

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