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Welcome to PPC Associates’ new blog! If you’re looking for “Blogation,” the former blog from our founder and CEO, David Rodnitzky, you’ve come to the right place! David is one of several weekly contributors – you can read his unique blend of gentle irreverence and SEM wisdom every Monday.

David will be joined by a roster of regular bloggers from inside and outside PPC Associates. Our resident blog expert, senior account manager Todd Mintz, will check in every Tuesday with whatever’s on his mind; director of SEM Sean Marshall will tell us what he thinks of B2B, Cal football, and more on Wednesdays; and account director Jeremy Mayes offers Thursday insights on all things SEM. Fridays will feature either seasoned guest bloggers or my wet-behind-the-ears take on the SEM world (I’m Hillary Read, PPC Associates’ marketing manager, and I’m hoping a background in ecommerce and sportswriting can produce something of mild entertainment value).

So check in often, leave us feedback, tell us what you like and what we’re missing. And by all means, pass us around.

Hillary Read, Marketing Manager, PPC Associates

Questions? Email bloggers at ppcassociates dot com