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Campaign launches can be a disaster. If your settings are not correct, you could end up spending way more than you planned. Here are some QA tips on how to prevent overspending in your first few days of a new campaign (in no particular order)!


  1. Set your budget: when you start a new campaign, you should always set your budget more conservative
  2. Search or display? Check the Search/Display Network setting to make sure you correctly set what network you want to run on
  3. Search partners: ask yourself if you want to run on search partners or not and set your stuff accordingly!
  4. Mobile modifier: not running on mobile? Be sure to set your bids to -100%
  5. Location settings/language: if you know you are only running in a certain place/language, make sure you are targeting the correct locations
  6. Target and bid: if you are running RLSA be SURE that your target and bid setting is correct
  7. Neg lists: apply your neg lists to your new campaign to save you some money on irrelevants. Take it a step further by adding some new negs that you think might show up

These are pretty basic, but miss one of them, and your budget could go up in smoke in your first few days. Do you have any settings (or tips) to add to the list?