This is the subhead for the blog post

Short post, because it is past midnight but here goes:

  1. Unlimited goals in Google Analytics per profile. Why in the heck do I have to create a new profile every time I go beyond four goals;
  2. Time of day conversion tracking in AdWords reporting. I want to do day-parting, but Google only gives me day of week conversion data. I hate log files;
  3. Allow campaign management companies to “clone” Google accounts to YSM and MSN. Search engine, please! (that is supposed to be said like a gangsta);
  4. One email address for multiple AdWords accounts. Every time a client gives me access to their account, I have to create a new email alias. Ugh.
  5. Don’t change account reps every three months. Can’t I just work with someone and get to know them at least a little bit?
  6. Parameter insertion a la MSN AdCenter. This is the only time you will see me giving credit to MSN for SEM innovation.

There are more I could add and for the record if this post was about YSM or MSN, the list would be longer, trust me . . . What did I miss?