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Facebook unveiled its new Newsfeed design to much fanfare last week, and already advertisers are wondering how the changes might affect their choices when utilizing the network. There are some important implications to be addressed here, in my opinion. I’ve highlighted five that I think are the most important below.

1. More Visual Space = More Real Estate for Ads

As Facebook does a better job of highlighting photos, so too it will do a better job of highlighting Page Post Ads promoted to the Newsfeed. More real estate means a bigger shot at making an impression; make it count for your brand by investing in quality images that really pop in the feed.

ad example newsfeed

These ads are also going to be even more rewarding within Facebook’s ecosystem, as the stories they create will pop even more in the feed.

2. More Facebook Object-based Ads = More Mobile

More and more users are moving into a mobile-only Facebook usage experience. If you still want to be reaching your full potential audience, you’re going to need to start advertising to mobile devices – that means ads built on story-objects, since mobile has no ads column.

That’s got a bunch of implications for your site, too – are you optimized for mobile devices? Can someone complete the goals of your campaign on any platform? These will become increasingly important questions to ask.

3. Page-specific stream means more chances to reach your audience organically

The upshot of more story-based objects is more stories published on the graph, and the new subscriptions-only newsfeed means that surge in stories gets a second chance at making an impression if it doesn’t make the algorithmic cut. This, of course, means you’re going to want to really start growing your community and creating stories that resonate with them. This includes optimizing your images to appear fully scaled in the newsfeed and learning the best language to use in your messaging.

4. Links are viable content for story-based ads again!

Finally, the red-headed content stepchild gets some love. Facebook is giving links new, bigger previews. That means more real estate in the Newsfeed, which means more visibility for link-based ads like this one:

fb ad example - link

The upshot of this is pretty huge: links offer a greater surface area to click on. There are new opportunities here, too – time to start optimizing that OpenGraph mark-up on your site to put your best foot forward when sharing a link on the network.

Additionally, YouTube videos are going to be given the same amount of space in the feed as Facebook videos once earned – you might remember I mentioned before that this is about 10x the size of the previous link preview.

5. Mobile = Native Only

As mentioned above, the new design firmly pushes out display ads from the mobile ecosystem. That means that, for the time being, you’ll have to rely on story-based, or ‘native’ advertisements. That means that if you haven’t already gotten in the Facebook Pages game, you’re going to have to take that step to really reach your full audience.

Did I miss anything? Share your thoughts in the comments.

– Dan Wilkerson