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5 Tips for Successful Limited-Time Offers in AdWords

Published: June 30, 2017

Author: Erin Reilly

Seasonal promotions, close-out sales, deep discounts – any limited-time offer you’re trying to get in front of your customers can benefit from a few features and best practices from AdWords. Let’s dive into my five favorites:

Price Extensions

Price extensions are a great way to showcase any custom business offers you may be advertising. This feature helps consumers easily navigate through your ad if they are looking for a specific offer/discount. Price Extensions also give your custom ad copy additional support in reiterating to a consumer what your custom offer is.

Campaign Scheduling

When creating custom ad copy for offers or discounts, we often forget to turn these offers off when they have expired.  One way to avoid this is to create a duplicate campaign of the keywords you would like to target with the ad copy reflecting the custom offers you would like to advertise. From there, you can set a start/end date for your campaign. This way you can automatically start and end your custom offer campaign of your choosing, and remove the risk of running a Christmas offer in June.

Countdown Feature

Ad customizers can be a huge benefit when tailoring ad copy. One feature of using ad customizers within AdWords is the countdown feature. This allows your ad copy to feature how much time a sale/offer has left, and will dynamically swap out the number of days from the designated time frame you enter in the settings. This gives consumers a sense of urgency if the sale only has 5 days left, and evokes the feeling that they must act fast before the deal is gone.

Testing different ad copy

When you’re running custom offers or deals, it is very important to test different versions of ad copy. Whether you test different messaging or calls to action, figuring out what copy appeals to a consumer most can increase the conversion rate you produce on your offer-specific ads. This also puts you ahead of the curve when implementing future offers or deals for a client because you are aware of what type of messaging produced for your client in the past.

Target your competitors with custom offers they can’t beat

Targeting your competitors with custom offers/deals/services is an excellent strategy that can bring in new customers. If a consumer is interested a product from your competitor, why not serve them with an enticing offer or discount to sway their mind? This could potentially bring in new long-term or one-time-purchase clients – both taking business away from your competitor and getting a new converter into your system.
With the summer in full swing, limited-time promotions can be an effective way of combatting seasonal traffic dips. Put these into play now and get your strategies fine-tuned in time for Q4!

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