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We’ve all seen destination URLs that don’t make the cut. Whether it’s 404 errors, pages not found, or tracking-parameter mishaps, you can make sure to adhere to best practices with the following QA checks:

CHECK 1: Subscribe to Account Notifications

Heading to the Notification Settings in the My Account tab is crucial when adding a new client. Hover over the client name and make sure you are opted in to receive all important notifications – including disapproved ad alerts – via email.

Check 2:  Check for Disapproved Ads Manually in AdWords Editor or the AdWords UI

For clients that sell something on the borderline of Google’s Restricted Products and Services policy, it’s important to be proactive and manually go in and check for disapproved ads frequently instead of waiting for Google to let you know.

 In AdWords Editor, you can sort by Status in the Text tab found in the Ads tab:












In the AdWords UI, you can filter for Approval Status and check off Disapproved:










SAVES YOU FROM:  Missing and accidentally ignoring disapproved ads for an extended period of time.

Check 3:  Use Tools Like URL Opener to Ensure URLs are Working Properly

URL Opener allows you to copy/paste URLs into a text field and open the whole batch at once instead of going through the new URLs one by one to make sure they lead to the right page.














SAVES YOU FROM:  Launching broken URLs.




CHECK 4:  Review Trademark Policy for Potential Disapprovals

Make sure you aren’t using any trademark products in your ad copy that go against Google Policy.  A trademark owner can submit a complaint to Google, which will in turn investigate the use of trademarks in your ad copy.

SAVES YOU FROM:  Violating trademark policy, resulting in disapproved ads.


CHECK 5:  Use the Custom View Option in AdWords Editor to Double-Check Tracking

Using the Custom View in AdWords Editor you allows you to quickly check for :

-correct/missing tracking

-correct source codes (e.g. filter for Google, AdWords, etc.)

-dynamic parameters

-3rd-party software parameters

-proper use of “?” and “&”

SAVES YOU FROM:  Tracking issues and/or disapproved ads

Any other regular checks that help your URLs pass muster? Leave them in the comments!