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5 Great Reasons to Do Facebook PPC

Published: June 14, 2013

Author: Lisa Raehsler

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Good luck finding data like this on other ad channels.

No other online channel offers the granularity and demographic targeting that Facebook does. Whether you are just starting or have been placing ads on Facebook, these top reasons to get into Facebook PPC may spur ideas for new strategies.

Great branding opportunities

If you think about the number of branding tactics in the advertising world from billboards to TV to online, Facebook offers a way to do “precise branding” by simply targeting your audience by one or two key characteristics.  You can develop wide reach and gain millions of impressions to promote brand, but that is still driving to a qualified audience and has some solid marketing science behind it.

Exposure at the top of the funnel

As marketers we know at the top of the sales funnel, the potential customer is becoming aware of (and may consider purchasing because of exposure to) brands and products. Facebook offers a great opportunity to reach the consumer at this critical phase when they are open to options and discovery.

Targeting by personal information

Facebook is mostly a personal social network where “too much information” is the norm as personal facts are core content. Since such facts are proactively disclosed, we are allowed access to target our audience based on such qualities as age, gender, relationship status, “interested in” preferences, etc. Take this opportunity to target your ideal customer persona and/or use it to exclude audiences unlikely to purchase.

Social Endorsements

Facebook’s sponsored stories are an ad unit different from almost anything out there. Since Sponsored stories appear as messages coming from friends about their engagement with a Page, app, or event, the ads are more attention-grabbing and can trigger a “me too” response.
Sponsored stories are a powerful social endorsement that can drive towards your brand or product, especially if your audience is one that is more peer-influenced –  for example, teens. Use this power strategically for your next marketing push.

Competitive insights

A recent post on fbppc.com shows a way to gain insight into your competitors through their Facebook pages.
You can look at the most popular posts and use that information to craft ad messaging. You can also target similar users who like your competitor. You can do this by adding your competitor, and similar variations of their name and products, into precise interest targeting areas.
These tips are applicable to beginners, but there’s no reason a seasoned advertiser couldn’t pick up a trick or two. What are your top reasons for making Facebook ads a part of your online marketing plan?

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