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4 Benefits of Using an Instructional Designer For Content Marketing

Published: August 20, 2015

Author: Robert Cordray

With the economic marketplace more competitive than ever, manufacturers are taking a more proactive approach towards attracting and retaining customers, as well as building brand allegiance. Though the purpose may be well intended, online content marketing often finds itself misaligned, in garnering an audience’s attention, heightening the interest and desire, establishing brand allegiance and triggering revenue streams, in addition to accelerating growth.
To avert such issues, it is essential to collaborate with content marketing instructional designers. Content marketing instructional designers conceive and develop ideologies that fashions a framework of informational content and fosters an experience that captivates and retains audience attention and consideration.
Providing a positive customer experience
For all content marketing programs to succeed the consumer experience needs to be the focal point. Capturing the attention of the audience is the initial stage of an effective content marketing program. With so many choices available, there must be a bona fide reason why customers must engage in your content. The second stage of assembling an informative program is to create a scenario whereby the customer is in full control of their experience and feeling comfortable of what they are being exposed to. Employing a training consultant that utilizes instructional design will establish the customers essential needs and align them with your sales, marketing strategies and business plan.
Presentation is critical
Demonstrating or communicating a method, an ideology in a definitive, persuasive and conclusive manner is the intent of instructional design. Designers knowledgeable in effective comprehension strategies are able to devise a content marketing environment, whereby with an effective presentation framework can capture specific audiences and have them absorb and respond accordingly. Consider these points on the importance of Rich Media. Put simply, instructional designers understand the power of visual presentation and overall aesthetics as they relate to capturing an audience.

Why Rich Media Matters from Allen Communication

Traditional content is stagnant, contemporary applications are in
Content marketing programs find their foundation in traditional presentations such as articles, video presentations and white papers but lack interactivity with the customer. Engaging customers into a conversation, with interactive elements and factors, changes the scope of the content marketing programs and assists them in finding content value (interestingly enough, the process for engaging employees with elearning content for training is much the same.) Consider this slider interactive on water treatment process. When users can take their mouse, select and drag a slider, and learn new information in the process engagement and recall increase. A conversational format engages the customer into retaining content and taking action. Marketing research indicates that individuals exposed to interactive content are likely to acquire a product more readily than those products that are presented in a direct marketing format and will most likely share their positive experience with friends and family members.
Staying in the race with your competition
While you believe that you may be successful at creating an effective content marketing program, the probability of understanding all the facets of such an integrated, conceptual approach is quite low. Should you fail at creating an effective online content marketing program, your competitors, who are employing instructional content marketing program designers, are now distancing themselves from you and capturing more marketplace share. Though traditional content marketing program avenues have their place, the future will mandate the implementation of contemporary technologies. Firms that seek to be leaders in the sector and have dominant control in the marketplace will take a proactive and contemporary approach towards educating their target market audience.
Customers want easy. They want to be pampered (beard oil anyone?). They want to be helped. They want to learn, and when they have achieved all that and experienced positive feelings, they go out and buy. They tell anybody and everybody of that experience that they should buy one too. They will become a cheerleader for your product, acting almost like a walking and talking billboard. By utilizing an instructional designer, success is just a matter of time.

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