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As we head full-steam into 2018, our experts look ahead to the next 12 months and dish up some well-informed predictions on industry trends and shifts.

Today’s predictions come from our paid search experts, starting with…

“Amazon continues to gobble market share in the ecommerce industry, and in 2018 they’ll figure out a unique way to leverage their customer data.”

– Sr. VP of Client Services Diego Rovira

“Clients continue to move off of Marin and Kenshoo in favor of Google’s automation or DoubleClick.”

 – VP of Client Services Joe Kerschbaum

“Google rolls out a ‘Universal Search Campaign’ (similar to DSA, but better).

Shopping bidding, negative keywords, and audience targeting are all at risk of being lost in favor of a fully automated bidding-and-targeting combo like UAC.”

– Sr. Director of Client Services Caitlin Halpert

“Google will allow advertisers to bid for CPC, rather than CPV, on YouTube – helping YouTube to become a viable channel for direct response.”

 – Sr. Director of Client Services Sean McEntee

“Although the Voice Assistant (VA) industry continues to grow rapidly, impact on Paid Search is minimal for the next year or two since most VA searches are currently focused on simple commands, fact finding, and informational questions. Shoppers may not be visiting brick and mortar stores, but they’re not anywhere near ready to relinquish their power of product/brand choice to a robot. Search results that facilitate browsing (as we know them) will remain prevalent in search environments primed for SEM representation.”

– Account Director Dan Kern

“Responsive ad units will soon replace image ads almost entirely on the Google Display Network.”

– Account Director Kate Pellegrini


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