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Many companies use Slack as a communication tool…that’s not particularly unique. What I’ve noticed is that it brings a particular value proposition to the agency /client relationship that didn’t exist before on Skype or email.

The core offering of digital agencies can be distilled down to “people” and “process.” The best agencies will have consistent processes in place no matter what team the client is working with (and if they don’t, you need to consider working with an agency that does ASAP). Our account teams are populated by people with excellent technical skills, but more often than not, our interpersonal skills are our biggest differentiator and our roles are not just professional advocacy for our clients, but personal advocacy as well.

The immediate nature of Slack forced me to consider my own communication style – not only internally, but with my principal clients (all of whom use Slack). What are my clients expecting of me from this medium? As I began using the tool, it became readily apparent what additional value I could offer: immediate access.

While I’ve always felt like I was part of each client’s team, Slack has greatly helped lend immediacy and urgency to the ongoing discourse, and it’s broken down the greater formality present in Skype, email, and our current project management system.

Prior to Slack, my clients and I would work in our separate “bubbles,” and when we needed to communicate, we’d break out of our cocooned environment to interact. Slack has given me the ability to work directly with the client intra-task and even participate in spontaneous “think-sessions” that were not possible before we began using the tool.

Ultimately, the greatest value I can provide my clients is my presence, and Slack allows me to be more present more often with greater impact than before.