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Periodically, 3Q offices are encouraged to take a half-day and volunteer to help serve the communities we live in. For Breast Cancer Awareness month, 3Qers baked and sold delicious treats, then donated the proceeds to breast cancer research.


Denver held a bake sale on Halloween for Breast Cancer Awareness. While there were some treats left over, we were surprised at the amount of contributions from other companies in our co-working space.

San Diego

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our office rocked pink to remind everyone to get checked!

San Francisco

SF had a Halloween-themed bake off and received donations from our tasters and bakers! The overall winner, Anthony N., chose to donate the proceeds to METAvivor.

“Metastatic Breast Cancer is the most serious and dangerous form of breast cancer. METAvivor was the first organization to fund research for stage 4 metastatic breast cancer research.” – Anthony N.


If you live in one of our communities and have suggestions for organizations we can support, please leave a comment!