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Periodically, 3Q offices are encouraged to take a half-day and volunteer to help serve the communities we live in. This November and Thanksgiving season, 3Q-ers donated and sorted food and clothes for those in need. One 3Q-er flew from Denver to the Bahamas to help with hurricane relief.


The Burlington office tromped through the snow to volunteer at Feeding Chittenden, which provides the greater Burlington community with food and professional skills/development for work in the food industry. We stocked shelves, helped visitors find groceries, cleaned display spaces, and more.


The Denver office volunteered at A Precious Child sorting winter clothes for families in need. This is our second time volunteering with this organization, and we love helping to empower children and families with children to succeed (getting to look at cute tiny baby clothes and shoes is just a plus).

Cameron from the Denver office spent his unlimited PTO over the break to help survivors of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. Armed with over 100 pairs of socks and hats donated by 3Q, he ventured down south to build roofs for locals in the community who could not afford to repair them. If you would like to learn more or help, please visit or

San Diego

San Diego assembled 100 PB&J sandwiches for local homeless shelters and families in need. What a quick and easy process it was with lots of helping hands and some old-fashioned assembly line work.


If you live in one of our communities and have suggestions for organizations we can support, please leave a comment!