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Periodically, 3Q offices are encouraged to take a half-day and volunteer to help serve the communities we live in. Here are some of the initiatives the offices found in June!


We spent the morning at Austin Animal Shelter to love on some adoptable (and sweet) cats and dogs.


We spent a morning at The Lurie Animal Clinic, helping to tidy the space for new incoming animals.

San Diego

We’ve managed to gather some supplies to donate to our local SD Humane Society. We gave everything from chew toys to lint rollers and food, in hopes of making our furry friends feel the love.

San Francisco

We had a pod contest to see who can donate the most items to the SFSPCA. Congratulations to the SECRO Team – they donated a total of 141 items!

New York

We donated $200 of our Perks budget to Best Friends Animal Society.

If you live in one of our communities and have suggestions for organizations we can support, please leave a comment!