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Periodically, 3Q offices are encouraged to take a half-day and volunteer to help serve the communities we live in. August’s initiatives supported LGTBQ+ organizations, local Food Pantries and back-to-school programs.


We had a presenter from our local LGBT+ organization come and give our office a safe space training.


We headed out to the Lakeview Food Pantry and helped to serve over 168 clients!


Denver helped out a local LGBT+ nonprofit by creating a social media strategy and calendar for the next month!


The Raleigh office helped out in various ways at the Raleigh LGBT Center

San Diego

San Diego did a 5K walk to raise fund for our local LQBTQ Center. Our donations went to supporting individuals living with HIV/AIDS.


San Francisco

Our office was able to team up with R.O.C.K. again for their Back to School Carnival event at Visitacion Valley Middle School.


If you live in one of our communities and have suggestions for organizations we can support, please leave a comment!