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Creative is such a big part of Facebook advertising. Best practice calls for continual testing of new creative. You can think of creative as 80% of the impact of your ad, with the remaining 20% being your copy. However, advertisers don’t always have the resources or bandwidth to rotate in new creative all the time. These advertisers, though, also need to ensure that the creative they¬†do have is being seen. Here is where a 3Q solution comes in: The 3Q AAAAA Creative Testing Strategy.

This strategy can be used when you have one version of creative to test but high negative feedback is leading to declined performance. In this situation, your ad is not running frequently. To combat this, and make sure that Facebook’s automatic preferences aren’t getting in the way, you can use the AAAAA method.

The Set-Up

Create a new ad set with five ads in your ad set. Each of the five should be identical – this is key! The reason for this set-up is that Facebook will randomly choose certain ads to serve more frequently, based on engagement rates. Some ads will randomly get negative feedback, which will affect the delivery and cause CPCs to rise. By having five identical ads, you will be able to ensure delivery of your creative despite negative engagement that may occur on one or two of the ads.

Overall, if you are strapped for creative resources, this strategy is a great opportunity to ensure that your creative is getting views until you can get additional creative produced.