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When you advertise on social media, you only have seconds to catch a potential customer’s attention, so you better do it right. Images may be the most attention-grabbing aspect of a Facebook ad initially, but the ad copy is what really gets the viewer to click. So here are a few tips to get your viewer to click – and convert.

Make a Connection

Drawing a connection between viewers and your ad is crucial for success, and one way to create connection is by provoking emotions, which will help generate both memorability and engagement. To play off people’s emotions correctly, make sure you know exactly who you are targeting and the emotional pull your product has on them.  To ensure you call out specific emotions, break out ad sets by the targets that pertain to them. Be careful to keep emotions positive. Even if your product is meant to help people out of unfavorable situations, give your ad copy a positive spin because the emotions viewers have with the ad will transfer to their perception of your brand.


Questions are a great way to create connections because they call to attention people’s needs and get people thinking about the benefits your product would have on their lives.  Asking questions also provide higher-quality clicks because viewers engage more with the ad, and they put more thought into the click.

Be Clear


Not only do you want to make your ad easy for the viewer to read; you also want to be clear on what you are advertising. Having clearly stated information could save you from wasting money on people who click but don’t convert.

Establish Legitimacy


Customers these days want the best for their money and can be skeptical of the internet, so if your product is not well-known or happens to be expensive, you have to make sure it comes off as legitimate. One way to acquire legitimacy with ad copy is by mentioning a respectable person or company who endorses your product. Also, if your product is mentioned in any respected publications, make sure to highlight them in your ads. Calling out these two bits of information will give viewers more confidence in your brand and your product. Place this information in either the post copy or headline, so people scrolling through will notice information right away.