One of the biggest levers to pull in shopping campaigns is feed optimization, and the most pivotal step in feed optimization is keyword research. When you add the most relevant keywords to your feed, the system will maximize opportunity for your product ads.

After identifying top-volume terms through search query reports and Google’s Keyword Planner, make these simple feed edits, sit back, and watch your impression volume grow exponentially:

  1. Stuff Descriptions w/ Relevant Keywords
    • Add the top-volume search queries to the end of your descriptions. The limit for descriptions is 5,000 characters, but the ad only shows the first few hundred characters, so the user will likely not see these additional key terms.
    • Results: This optimization led to a 130% increase in impression volume period-over-period for a luxury sport wearable client.
  2. Stuff Product Type w/ Relevant Keywords
  • Similar to keyword-stuffing descriptions, expanding the key terms in the product type column can significantly increase your impressions.
  • If you are using a feed management tool like ProductsUp, you can use the Append/Prepend Value rule to add your selected key terms to each SKU’s product type.
  • Results: This optimization led to a 42% increase in impression volume period-over-period for a luxury sport wearable client.
  1. Optimize Title Format and Word Choice


  • Front-load your title with the important information first. Although the limit is 150 characters, users will usually see only the first 70 or fewer characters of your title, depending on screen size.
    • What does your potential customer care about the most? If you aren’t sure, check the format of your top competitors’ ads.
    • Recommended format: Brand à Key Descriptors à Style à Product Type
      • Example: Dolce & Gabbana Medium Red Leather Sicily Tote Handbag
    • Using a feed management tool like ProductsUp, you can use the Set Value if Column Contains rule to prepend titles with values from other columns.


  • In your title, use keywords that users frequently search for. This will maximize the number of searches you appear in and help the user recognize what you are selling.
    • For example, if you are selling a perfume, you will want to make sure you include descriptors in your title that are popular search terms (e.g. “floral”, “rose”, “vanilla”, “gardenia”).
  • Results: By switching one keyword in the title to a more popularly searched term, impression volume increased 460% period-over-period for a luxury fashion retailer.

If you have any additional tips for feed optimization, share in the comments!

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