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3 Essentials to Leverage Location on Mobile

Published: November 11, 2016

Author: Kaitlyn Couture

“Location, location, location” is an essential pillar and popular catch-phrase in real estate, and it also holds true in your company’s marketing strategy. Location targeting ensures your advertising only appears in front of the customers that are most likely to provide results. The efficiency of your advertisement increases when your ads are in the desired location. This means more revenue for your expenditure, just as it would in real-estate. Incorporating geo-fencing and geo-conquesting into your mobile marketing strategy is a great way to accomplish this goal.
mobile location targeting
Geo-fencing is a mobile location targeting method used to entice nearby potential customers to your brick-and-mortar business. Ads are only shown within the parameters of a designated virtual “fence” surrounding your business. In best practice, parameters should be set to capture potential customers who are approximately 3-4 minutes away. The ads in this campaign should be tailored to include special deals, coupons, or unique selling points of your business. By incorporating these unique attributes, you make your customers more likely to choose your business over nearby competitors.
Another way to leverage location on mobile platforms is to implement geo-conquesting. Geo-conquesting utilizes the same logic behind geo-fencing; however, instead of targeting the specific area around your business, the location surrounding your competitor’s business is targeted. This allows you to project your business’s unique value near your competitors, providing potential customers more options to make an informed decision.
Although geo-fencing and geo-conquesting are important location targeting strategies, your advertising efforts may be ineffective if your user’s mobile experience is not taken into consideration. The experience your user has on your site is imperative to your business and needs to be as seamless as possible, especially on mobile. One way to do this within your location targeting strategy is by utilizing call campaigns, or a “Call Now” button. Call campaigns allow users to easily reach your business in order to request additional information. Not only is this helpful for your users, but it also allows your business to better track these calls and optimize your marketing strategy in the future.
Mobile location targeting leverages user intent in your business’ vicinity and can ultimately increase the efficiency of your marketing budget. Mobile marketing also generally provides less expensive clicks than desktop advertising, which allows businesses the opportunity to get the most out of their ads. The location targeting capabilities on mobile are unlike any other device and should be leveraged to increase the efficiency of your ad spend and take advantage of location. Geo-fencing, geo-conquesting, and improving your user’s experience can give your business the edge you are looking for.

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