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Not all digital wisdom and best practices are created equal, so we’re going to spend the next few Mondays taking on some prevalent digital marketing myths. In this post, we’ll tackle the growing buzz around voice search and explain where it should fit into a marketing strategy.

First, the obvious: voice search is booming. Even before this holiday season and a lot of unwrapped Google Homes and Amazon Echos, voice search has penetrated a third of the households in the U.S.

Now for the buzzkill: there’s no advertising presence on these devices yet. Moreover, the easiest path to monetization – screens or visual elements – will direct voice-activated devices back in the direction of SEO as we understand it today. In short, voice search is big and getting bigger, but it won’t require a huge shift in your marketing strategy in 2020. Instead, get a better handle on the multi-layered SEO landscape as it stands, which is no easy task. 

For more insights on this and other topics, including the Google/Facebook duopoly and creative in the age of AI, download the full guide to 2020 Digital Marketing Growth Disruptors. And check back next week for our take on our next topic: media planning.