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We’re rounding out 2017 with a series that looks ahead to our next 12 months and features insights from our top partners. Today’s expert: Pinterest Agency Partner Manager Gabrielle Lupton*. 

* Please note that all answers are the personal opinions of the interviewee, not of their employer.

What is the most exciting thing that happened to your company in 2017?

This year we launched our visual discovery tools. We took the idea of search and made it visual. Rather than searching with keywords, we added a camera to our search bar so you can bring your real life online.

What do brands need to have mastered in 2017 to be ready to compete in 2018?

Content is important, but relevancy will always be king. As technology advances, consumers are becoming more and more desensitized to ads. The more relevant our ads can be, the more success brands will find.

What do you see as the major trends in your industry in 2018?

Visual search isn’t going anywhere. From Google to Instagram, all the major players are experimenting with more visual content. Text ads don’t hold the same weight as they once did.

What should brands focus on this coming year to stay ahead of the competition?

Don’t lean on the status quo. Push your content to drive consumers. Utilize video. Make your brand stand out in the sea of ads by staying relevant.

If you could invest $50 million in the most promising upcoming technology in your industry (outside of your own company), what would you invest in?

Wearable tech. From apple watches to Fitbit, the opportunity to take things mobile is incredibly promising.

What big change in your product or service will be a game-changer in 2018?

Search and shopping ads will be a huge push for us in 2018. We want our brands to able to really hone in on relevancy since we know this where scalability will come from.

What’s a reach-for-the-stars innovation you’d like to see in the next five years?

I’d love to see the Amazon drone technology take off. To see something, purchase and be able to have it in hand would be a huge leap in technology.


Gabrielle is a partner manager on the Agency Management team at Pinterest. She is an over-thinker, hater of bad stock photos, and spends too much time analyzing the Google algorithm. Currently pinning ideas to dream kitchens.

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