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Late in 2016, a few of our esteemed Account Directors (Sean McEntee, Christine Baker, Joseph Kerschbaum, Eric Smith, and I) put their heads together for an impromptu wish list for search in the coming months. We know, we know…the holidays are over (sniff), but just in case folks at Google and Bing are listening, here are our fondest wishes:

  1. Bid modifiers for tablets
  2. Bid modifiers for Search Partners as well as the ability to select/exclude specific partners
  3. AdWords annotations similar to current Google Analytics annotations
  4. A Conversion Optimizer equivalent for Bing ads
  5. Increased AdWords Conversion Optimizer flexibility to improve quality of bidding for accounts with a long time lag to conversion
  6. The ability to use Ad Customizer features to adjust destination URLs or tracking templates
  7. Image libraries for image ads so that each ad doesn’t need to be duplicated across all ad groups
  8. ACE Conversion Optimizer testing capabilities
  9. Reporting for full URLs where traffic is being directed (Final URLs + all tracking) to replace the discontinued Destination URL Dimension report

Now that all of your presents have been opened, what’s left on your list? Drop a comment.