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SaaS marketing is a combination of two disciplines. What are they?

What’s the secret to a cost-effective SaaS nurture program?

What three basics do you need to establish for your SaaS product before you even think about a marketing budget?

David Rodnitzky

David Rodnitzky

CEO David Rodnitzky just released a podcast (on iTunes and the web) with The 20-Minute VC on SaaS marketing, and he answers those questions and more in the first five minutes alone. Take 20 minutes (and prepare to take notes) and learn about topics including:

  • how to to define success in SaaS marketing
  • the key metrics of SaaS marketing
  • the best marketing tools and resources for successful SaaS marketing
  • the most common mistakes in SaaS marketing

Thanks to host Harry Stebbings for including David on the show!