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As an SEM Manager you live and breathe on the AdWords UI platform. Waking up in the wee hours of the morning to see a newly launched campaign’s performance and spending late nights building and sculpting your account is all too common.

But the reality is that most search marketers are so busy running their accounts, they don’t have time to sit down and go through the intricate and advanced features that can impact account performance and health.

Here are two of the most overlooked features of Google AdWords:

IP Address Exclusion

By excluding your office’s (or offices’, if you’re in a big company!) IP addresses, you can prevent false conversions and unnecessary spend.

  • Go to the main Campaigns tab and click Settings.
  • Click the campaign you want to exclude IPs from:settings tab AdWords
  • Scroll down to Advanced settings, and click IP Exclusions link, then Edit.
  • Paste in the IPs you want to exclude (500 max per campaign) and hit Save.

ip exclusions adwords

This is a very easy feature that can give a true picture to your overall performance.

Household Income Targeting

Did you know you can target in search based off household incomes? We covered this way back when the feature was released, but we still see it ignored in tons of campaigns we take over.

  • First, click on a campaign and go to the Settings tab, then click the Locations Hit +LOCATIONS:

locations tab adwords

Then at the bottom of the locations list, hit “Advanced Search.”

advanced location search AdWords


Next, click “Location groups” and “Choose location type”, and select “Demographics.”

You will then see another drop-down, “select household income tier,” which gives you the ability to target specific income range levels.

household income adwords hhi-tiers

The most useful situation for this setting is increasing reach to higher income households in locations that generally average lower HHI. Layering HHIs with geo-location targets allows you to adjust bid modifiers to precision.

Both these features are quite unknown and may provide significant lift into your account’s performance. Comment below with any additional tricks you have hidden up your sleeve!