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15 Hilarious Ad Bloopers

Published: September 20, 2012

Author: Jaime Sikora

As all experienced SEMs know, once in a while we come across some funny bloopers or quirks of the searchers out there. Here are 15 rather hilarious examples that I or my SEM colleagues came across over the past couple of months :
1) Query:  slave contract for my husband
Fifty Shades of Grey has had its influence!
Well, aren’t we always looking for some more wd21175?  I was just thinking the other day as I was on my way to the store: I need some more milk, eggs, and wd21175!
3) Query: what is the icd 10 code for a golf cart occupant hit by a turkey
Does this happen frequently?  There’s a specific code for this specific incident?
4) Query: i am emo and im dating a hipster help
Maybe this is my lack of understanding, but I don’t really see the problem. I would think an emo person and a hipster would pair together brilliantly. That, and this person is doing one of my favorite ‘funny things people do’ – treating Google like a therapist and looking for comfort on the internet.
5) Query: Farrah Fawcett Poster with white shirt and nipples showing
I give this person credit for knowing exactly what he wants. I would wrongly assume this query to have taken place in the late 80s, done by an 15-year-old boy with thick glasses with tape on them.
6) Query: circumcision done wrong lawyers
Ouch.  And I do imagine there’s a market for this.
7) Query: how to fake a medical bill
What’s your intention here, buddy?  Which segues into #8….
8 ) Query: can sue my doctor if they not doing anything me do not knowing do when i cant eat any solid foods
Was this written by cookie monster?  He doesn’t know much, especially not when it comes to writing coherent sentences, but he does know that he wants to sue.
9)  Query: things to do in olympia on lsd
Who hasn’t been there?  You’re in Olympia, you just did some LSD, you’re bored….
used mattress ad
I think my favorite part of this ad is ‘live better.’  On a used mattress.
11)  While we’re on the same topic:
I’m not sure I have any questions.  At least not that I actually want answered.
walmart bike ad
But can anyone tell me where I can buy this product?
13)  Query: training lofts for homing pigeons design
In the words of @noahbrooks, who directed me to this, “I didn’t know i needed to add pigeons as a negative.”
baby in toilet ad
What really jumps out at me in this ad is ‘Free Shipping.’
15)  Query: profiles for dating online examples for a sugar daddy
Because a sugar daddy needs an example to follow.
Please send any other great ones you have my way.
 Jaime Sikora, Account Manager

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