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Let’s be honest: Google is our livelihood. Let’s be real: Google is no non-profit. The following is an entirely un-comprehensive list of some favorite references who aren’t afraid to call it like they see it regarding the monolith of the interwebs:

1. – Sporadically updated, but that URL hits you between the eyes.

2. Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman (via SearchEngineLand’s Greg Sterling)

3. Rhea Drysdale – Go on, girl.

4. FairSearch – These guys mean business.

5. Mike Blumenthal – Google Places blogger extraordinaire.

6. Yext – Yeah, they’re a Google competitor. Still.


8. NYT’s David Segal

9. Small Business Search Marketing – a voice for the little guys.

10. Our own David Rodnitzky (who is none too happy about the idea of Dynamic ads) and Sean Marshall (who has plenty to say about the flaws of Geo Reports).

Oh, I know I missed a bunch. Let me hear it.

Hillary Read, Marketing Manager

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