We must upgrade to Universal Event Tracking for Bing Ads by April 15th. The good news is that this new tag can be linked to your Yahoo Gemini account, meaning you can track Bing Ads, Yahoo Stream, and Yahoo Search with one pixel.

There has been a lot of chatter about the setup for this new pixel, so we wanted to clear the air with step-by-step instructions complete with pictures. Enjoy. J

1. Login to your Bing Ads Account

2. In the bottom right, click Shared Library


3. Now click Goals and Conversions


4. Create Goal


5. Set up your new goal according to your naming preference, goal type, goal value, and conversion period. Since this is your first setup, select Create New Tag under the “Tag name” drop-down seen toward the bottom of this screenshot:


Congratulations! You’ve made your UET.

If you want to link this to DOT (so it can be used for Yahoo as well), email your Yahoo rep and provide the Bing Account Id as well as the Tag ID of the new goal you made.  The rep will link the accounts, and you must take the code from your Yahoo Gemini account and place it on each page of your site.  This will track Yahoo Gemini Search, Stream, and Bing Ads.

Be sure to also pause your old conversion tracking in Bing by following the steps below:

1. Login to your Bing Ads Account

2. Click Tools – Campaign Analytics. You will see your OLD goals here

3. Click Edit next to Analytics status, and select Disable analytics



  1. Ben March 30th, 2015

    I can create the goals, but until the code is placed on the page the system will still use the current code to track conversions, correct?

  2. Kaelee Heuschkel March 30th, 2015

    That is correct!

  3. Meir August 25th, 2015


    Great post.

    Question: I have installed the Bing code and successfully tracked a conversion. I’ve also added the Yahoo Gemini Code listed in my Gemini account. Am I supposed to just use one or having both is OK?

    Also, how do I add Order Total variable for Yahoo Gemini Code?


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