A lot of my colleagues and I have seen suspiciously inflated numbers for conversions, conversion rate, and revenue since implementing Bing’s new Universal Event Tracking (UET). Some of the increases can be explained away by the new pixel’s inability to dedupe conversions…but not all of them. Three reasons for this:

1. The increases are big, doubling and even tripling conversions and revenue in some of our accounts (including mine).

2. Revenue per transaction differs.

3. Google Analytics now shows quite a few of these transactions as being attributed to affiliate, referral or client-run remarketing campaigns, whereas in the past, conversions and revenue were closely matched to Bing campaigns in GA.

So what else is going on here? If you’re like me, you put in a request with your Bing account rep and have been waiting (and waiting) for an answer.

Well, we finally got an answer, and it makes sense — and is actually quite helpful when determining a user’s lifetime value. Before we adopted UET, our conversion settings were for one conversion per click only; with the UET, however, a user can click and then return to the site to convert multiple times.

If Bing, as promised by our rep, resolves the deduplicating issue by July, we’ll have a useful, relatively clean set of data that shows the full scope of conversions per user.

I suspect we’re not the only ones seeing this, so I hope the answer we got helps!


  1. Matthew June 22nd, 2015

    Thanks for sharing, Heather. I’m also seeing a ton of duplicate conversion being recorded in Bing since upgrading to UET. Bing support and I have been going round and round for weeks. They have also told me that they won’t be able to correct the historical data… it’s a real mess. I hope they fix it like they promise.

  2. christine harrison August 20th, 2015

    Has this problem been resolved for anyone? I was so thankful to find this article. I’ve been racking my brain with this issue all month. What I did to try and circumvent it, is through tag manager, have a piece of code that fires a conversion recorded cookie to make sure the tag is not counted duplicate times (in my case, there is no real lifetime value of our services). However, it’s been a few days now and I still see this issue in some campaigns. My rep is not of much help at all. Thoughts?

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