Yet another example of smart usage of FaceBook’s treasure trove of user-submitted information showed up today when I logged into FaceBook. Check out this incredible ad:

I happened to be 36 years old, a male, and I could spare a few pounds. So how did this ad target me so precisely? Well, in truth, I don’t think the advertiser knows anything about my weight, but they do know – and can target – my age and sex via FaceBook advertising.

So for advertisers who want to spend the time, you could basically create 100 separate ads – each one targeting a sex and age over a 50 year age range – and create ads that seem to “know” the user.

Now that’s what I call targeting. Get ready for a lot more ads on FaceBook like this really soon!

Postscript: Just a moment later I logged into FaceBook again and found this ad – not quite as good as the first one, but still not too shabby!


  1. searchquant July 4th, 2008

    I got the ab ad too, but I do situps every time I go to the gym and if you look at my midsection from the right angle and immediately after my workout you can still see something analogous to a six-pack. I wonder if I increase my situps to 5 days a week whether Facebook will get off my back?!?!

  2. David Rodnitzky July 7th, 2008

    I’m sure that Google will eventually come out with a shoe that measures your heart rate and targets ads appropriately. I wonder if gshoe is still available?

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